Nibnibs, the delicious breadsticks from Yorkshire

Nibnibs box

This brand has everything to please you: a funny name and delicious products!

Susan and Darren are nibbles fans, therefore; it was only a matter of time for them to develop their own Nibnibs! They develop breadsticks with different flavours. To differentiate themselves from the supermarket products you can find easily, they use two magic tricks:

  1. They only use delicious product Made In UK in the making process
  2. They flavoured their breadstick with onions, chili and matured cheddar

It’s okay, you can admit it: it is everything you like for a relaxing evening at home with your friends 😉

Nibnibs and humous

I received a full parcel of Nibnibs (7 boxes to be honest), and we ate them in 4 nights… We loved them so much that we could not resist and now…It’s over…I am missing my Nibnibs… As you can read: WE LOVED THEM!

These breadsticks are crunchy. They taste like butter (and there is nothing better than butter ;)). Our favourite from the different ones we tried is without any doubt the onion version… Which is very unusual but these onion and cheddar breadsticks with a hot camembert are…DELICIOUS!

Nibnibs and hot camembert

The only problem with Nibnibs, if you finished the box and wanted more… Well, it’s not sure you can buy it from your nearest favourite deli… What a shame 🙁 I had the bad surprise to see that there is no deli selling the brand in Edinburgh (at least not where I can manage to shop) 🙁

That’s exactly the reason why they contacted me to write about the brand. They are currently looking for some funds in order to improve their distribution. With a bit of luck and a few coins from everyone, we could help them improve that.

If I have convinced you and if you feel that the brand is a good investment, you can go to the Crowdcube website and become the newest Nibnibs investor.
On their website, they give all the information you need to find the nearest Nibnibs shops and the way to order online:

Oups…You caught me! 😉

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