Lagosta tea, drink different!

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If I had to compare Lagosta to a band, I guess I would compare it to the French band called Dionysos (look for one of there video on Internet, you will understand ;)): colourful, delicious, story-teller and a bit crazy (but good crazy).

You will ask me how a tea brand can be all that? Well, I will show you!

Lagosta is again a great discovery I made during my last trip home in Angers, France. I found the brand during one of my treasure hunt on Twitter (you can found marvellous things on this social media channel and a looot of them, believe me!).

Laurent Maupoint is the creator and mastermind of the brand. He is part of this crazy generation believing in social media and work actively to develop the marketing as I like it: intellectual, fun and colourful.

Hum? What do you mean?

Laurent Maupoint has touched my “universe” with his teas and I don’t think I will look further for another tea brand (yeah for him! ;))

Lagosta is a funny way to come back to the history of our lovely hometown Angers in France with a collection of teas dedicated to the Plantagenet royal family and its logo inspired by the King René wax seal and the Apocalypse Beast (well historic symbol of Angers).

Lagosta Logo

Humour is part of the brand… If you visit their website and I strongly recommend it, you will discover their different “tea collections”: The five and dime store (le Grand Bazar), granny piss (les Pisse-mémé, herbal teas), Heck of a French (Sacré Français)… It makes me smile every time; I am looking at those teas!

Tea is not exclusively for adults, and I am quite sure that Laurent’s kids would confirm with a big YES! Lagosta offers 2 teas for the little ones (fruit water to be precise) called the Little Monster Teas, and they are adorable. To be honest, the Little Monster Teas are not only the favourites of the kids, my mother is quite fond of the orange one! 😉

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All these little things seduced me but what is coming next, convince me entirely. Lagosta is more than a collection of royal named teas packaged in colourful boxes…

As Laurent told us, Lagosta is more than a tea brand, it is a concept.

He imagined a new form of tea: artistic, ephemeral and representing the soul of artists; events and even professional bodies. Laurent worked closely with a contemporary danseur, a band (Catfish for the music aficionado), a tattoo artist to create teas that taste and look like their music, their sketches or choreography. These ideas cannot be more innovative!

2014-03-25 15.39.49

All this is very nice but what teas did I tried and like? My favourite tea is for now (because I did not try them all) “l’Anjou Vélo Vintage” that is a tea that has been created for the event of the same name. A perfect mix for someone like who like Darjeeling tea (bergamot flavour) and rose infusion. The orange Little Monster Tea is also one of my favourite, and I am looking forward to trying it cold in Summer.

I should be sending very soon an order for some new flavours to try like the 2 heck of a French (Cointreau tea and Cosmopolitan tea, you imagine the cocktails you could do with those teas!). I am looking forward to playing with those 2 in my kitchen!

Yes, you did understand correctly, you will hear more about Lagosta in the future!


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