“Apulian delicatessen”: Venison casserole with blackcurrant and Negroamaro wine

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Today I present you a recipe, quite unsual for my blog: a venison casserole cooked in a blackcurrant and Negroamaro sauce served with Primitivo pasta. This recipe is based a lot on Italian red wine but who does not like red wine!

The title says “Apulian delicatessen” because it is the third recipe of the series but the recipe is not a traditional Apulian recipe (I don’t want any trouble). I created this recipe from different bits and pieces I found (doing a new recipe is a lot research and tasting!).

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For the recipe, I used  exclusively organic or free range products from my local veg producer and a very good local venison producer: Seriously Good Venison (very funny name!). For Christmas, I bought a nice filet that we pan fried and it was absolutely delicious! I recommend without a doubt their products!

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I also used products from Puglia Shop Online including a very original product: Primitivo pastas and a bottle of Negroamaro wine. Primitivo red wine is added to the pasta dough during the making process. These pasta are delicious and you can imagine so many different recipe using this pasta. I am thinking about Monkfish with red wine sauce or a dish with a duck filet…

Red wines called Primitivo and Negroamaro are native grapes from the Puglia region. The Negroamaro is red dark bitter grape and the Primitivo is one of the oldest red grape types of the Salento area.  A few years ago these to grapes were used to be mixed with other grapes to create wines but today local winemakers are working hard to create exclusive Negroamaro and Primitivo wine of quality.

If you are in the mood to discover the great Apulian wines, Puglia Shop Online is a great place to start. They offer great wine products (and more) on their website. If you decide to order, don’t forget to use your special Oohmyworld reader code : OOHMYWORLD to get 5% discount on any article (even the discounted ones!).

Here is my recipe! Enjoy!


Disclaimer: Puglia Shop Online has provided some of the products used for this recipe however they did not influenced any of the thoughts and opinions in this recipe. All words are mine. 


Venison casserole with blackcurrants and Negroamaro

By Sophie Maulevrier Published: February 7, 2014

  • Yield: 4 Servings
  • Prep: 25 mins
  • Cook: 1 hr 50 mins
  • Ready In: 2 hrs 15 mins

Venison casserole prepared with a blackcurrant and Negroamaro sauce served with red wine pasta



  1. Preheat the oven at à 180ºC. Clean all the vegetables and cut them in big chunks. Peel and crush the garlic clove.
  2. Present your dish in a bowl with the pasta, meat, veggies and sauce. Bon Appetit!
  3. Pour the wine in the pan and add the blackcurrant jelly. Bring to the boil. Add the beef stock, the meat and the vegetables. Bring everything to the boil.
  4. Cover the pan with a lid and put the pan in the oven for at least an hour. The meat must be tender and the veggies cooked.
  5. Heat a pan with salted water. Cook the pasta (I chose primitivo pasta which gives a little extra wine flavour to the dish) When the pasta are cooked keep a little cup of the cooking water to add to your venison casserole sauce.

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