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Demijohn The Liquid Deli- Edinburgh

Before visiting Demijohn, I knew almost nothing about British liquors. I knew gin but I learn to drink it in Spain and no more than that. Like lots of British products, liquors are not very famous overseas and as often, this a loss for everyone!

A week ago, I went for a tasting at the Edinburgh shop of the brand. Demijohn is a “liquid deli” because they only sell liquids (although they do offer now some chocolates made with their liquors). Liquid deli sounds attractive in English. I love the expression (does not sounds so good in French).

The concept of the brand is straight forward: they offer the best liquors and fruit vinegars from all over the UK. From North to South, the country is well represented by the little producers of the delicious Demijohn liquids. They are prepare in small quantity by passionate producers. It is all about quality and nothing about quantity. When it’s gone, it’s gone! Well, it means only one thing for me: if the producers and the sellers are passionate about their products, the brand can only be as successful as it is!

Demijohn - boutique Edimbourg/Edinburgh shop

The idea is brilliant! To make the concept even more attractive, the owner of the brand, Angus Ferguson, thought it through. The client is able to choose the bottle (you have got to choose from 30 different ones), the liquid (so many options!)  and the quantity. I would call it: a “customized liquor”:). When the bottle is empty (it evaporates very quickly, believe me!), you just have to pop in any Demijohn shop and refill it! They even take care of the environment!

Well, I still haven’t talk about the “liquids” in all that. I would not be able to list all their products but they offer different types of gin, vodka, whisky, fruit vinegar and some limited editions of single cask scottish whisky.

Demijohn Edimbourg / Edinburgh

If their products are delicious, their shops are also gorgeous. I only visited the shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh (I don’t know the others in England) but I love their design. Each liquor is presented in a large glass jar in a shape of a drop so you can see the colours of the liquid.

My favourite products are the following (if you ask my opinion 😉 ):
– The Seville Orange Gin (I drink it on the rock to have a very cool drink)
– The Spiced Rhum (good in any dessert recipe or with chocolate)
– The bramble scotch whisky liquor (The taste of the 2 ingredients is working very well)
– The traditional mead (light and fresh, you will enjoy the pure taste of the honey)
– The elderflower vinegar (I drink it with a spoon every day)
Take in to account that I did not taste all the liquids and each product is quite unique.

You can discover more about the brand with this very good video:

After this tasting, I could not resist the elderflower vinegar and the spiced rum. With these to liquids, I will present you 2 recipes very soon. I won’t say more, it is a surprise! 🙂

(you can order online!)

Demijohn Shop in Edinburgh
32 Victoria Street

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