Surprise! Italy is back on my food blog!

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Ok, I already talked about the news a while ago to announce a few Italian recipes on the blog during January but the surprise was mine when I received 2 big boxes this afternoon full of delicious products from Puglia. These boxes were sent by Puglia Shop Online, an online food shop specialized in local quality products to ship abroad.

These boxes contain all the  necessary products to write about a few delicious Apulian recipes on my blog and a special gift for one of you to prepare your own recipes!

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White wine, red wine and rosé…

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Pastas of different shapes and colours, extra premium virgin olive oil, antipastis… All the necessary things to try recipes from Puglia region.

From next week, I will bring you back to this nice region in South Italy to discover traditional dishes like the orecchiettes with turnip tops or less traditional dishes such as Primitivo (red wine) pasta with a venison casserole (one of my invention).

2014-01-20 15.47.42

I can’t wait to try this olive oil prepared with care by the Puglia Shop Online. The bottle is so nice, it could be for a parfum but I will let it rest for a while because it didn’t like the cold during the transport (which is normal for a poor South Italian oil! :P)!

So, next week will be a very busy week on my food blog with several Italian recipes and a few other surprises. Until then, you can enjoy my adventures in Puglia with the three posts about my November trip: episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3!

Disclaimer: These products are provided to me by the Puglia Shop Online in order to prepare my recipes. All products will be reviewed according to my quality standards and all opinions on them will be mine. 

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