A great diner like I like them with mulled wine poached pear dessert

This is a long title for an article but it translate exactly what I want to express in the article. I want to share you one of our last week diner party. Why? To show that simple things can impress as much as a very elaborate diner. I loved this diner because it reminds me diner at home. The second reason is because we have watched the first episode of the Taste UK on Channel 4.

Do you remember my audition for this programme in September? The first season just have begun last Tuesday. Besides all my expectations, I was quite surprise by the quality of the candidates. They seem to have a certain knowledge of cooking but I guess that we will see if it’s true in the next episodes!


So this diner, you are going to ask… This was the first use of the tablecloth offered by my boyfriend’s mother and the result is very nice… A French countryside diner!

As you can see, we had mini roasted camemberts with garlic, dry duck filet, a salad and some sundry tomatoes with mini mozzarella. It was a diner inviting the guests to eat what they wanted = almost a DIY diner 🙂 The secret for this kind of diner is to buy the best ingredients possible.




For the dessert, I wanted something light after all the cheeses we had! 🙂 I opted for Mulled wine poached mini pears (a lot of mini things in my menu). The wine is already spicy but I added some more to give it more punch!

It is so funny to find mini fruits of all sorts in Supermarket in the UK. I never saw that before: mini pear or mini apples for the kid lunch box! So funny and perfect for my recipe! 🙂

Here is my simple recipe for poached pear in mulled wine!

Poires pochées au vin chaud - Mulled wine poached pear

Mulled wine poached pears

By Sophie Maulevrier Published: January 15, 2014

    This is an easy recipe that could end perfectly a heavy meal. The originality stand in the use of the Mulled wine and species to give an extra touch to this recipe.



    1. Clean the pears. Keep the stalk but peal them entirely.
    2. In a saucepan, put the wine and the species. Bring to the boil.
    3. Add the pears in the wine and cook slowly for about 30 minutes (that will depend on your pears. If they are big counts 40 to 50 mins). They are ready when they are tender.
    4. Take ou the pears from the wine and keep cooking the wine for 15 more minutes to reduce the wine and get a syrup.
    5. Leave the wine and pears cool down. Present your dessert with 2 pears per person and some of the sauce. You can add a spoon of clotted cream if you feel like it 🙂

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