Chestnut Ice cream…Easy recipe and no sugar added!

What best than celebrate the new year with a lunch at friends! Apparently it brings good luck to your guest if you bring along a present (although I always try to bring something with me when I am invited).

This time, we were invited to my friend Claire from Home is Where the Cake is. She is quite a foodie and I love doing edible gift but she cannot eat sugar or any processed flour. It is very tricky for me because I never had to adapt my recipes to any kind of food problem but I really wanted to prove myself that I could do it.

What dessert is sweet but not using any kind of flour? I thought ice cream and I remembered that my mother offered my this jar of homemade chestnut cream when she came for Christmas! What an opportunity. So here we go for the chestnut ice cream without any sugar!!

As you will see on my picture…the look of my ice cream is deceiving (looks more like a parfait than an ice cream) because I rushed the process… I didn’t have time to let the machine do it’s magic and now I end up with a delicious ice cream taste but nothing very sexy… Sorry about that…

Chestnut ice cream / glace à la chataigne

Chestnut Ice Cream

By Sophie Maulevrier Published: January 2, 2014

  • Yield: 1 liter
  • Prep: 30 mins

Easy chestnut ice cream without refined sugar. perfect recipe for a festive lunch or diner



  1. First prepare your crème anglaise. Heat the milk until it boils in a pan. In a bowl, put the 6 egg yolks together and beat them. Pour the hot milk over the egg little by little always whisking that way you will avoid scrambled eggs. Put back the liquid in a pan with the agave syrop and heat slowly to thickened the custard.
  2. When the custard is ready, put it out of the heat and stir the chestnut cream in. Let the mixture cool down. Add the rum.
  3. Pour the liquid in your ice cream maker and let it works its magic for 30 mins to 1 hour depending on your machine. Before putting your ice cream in a container add the shopped marron glacé and stir with a spoon. TADA! 🙂

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