A delicious trip this week in south Italy, the Puglia region!

If you did not read my travel blog (BTW it’s here! http://travel.oohmyworld.com) or follow me on the social medias, I have awesome news! I leave tomorrow for a great press trip organized by the Puglia region for the launch of their first guide of the best restaurants of Bari and the region.

I’m embarking to a culinary journey in Puglia. It is a first for me and I hope to discover all the great things I have been reading about the next days. I am not entirely sure of the programme for the whole trip yet but they definitively include great culinary discoveries like the gala diner on Friday night, which includes a menu prepared by the four best chefs of the region.

The 4 chefs are the following:
-Angelo Sabatelli, Michelin Star chef offering a modern cuisine using seasonal and local products very close style to the Berasategui in Spain or Mark Greenaway In Scotland or Thierry Marx in France
-Mare Cicorella, Michelin Star chef of the restaurant Pasha’Di Conversiano. Her cuisine is traditional with respect to the local products
-Michele Rotondo, chef of the Masseria Petrino di Palagianello (his dishes looks so yum!)
-Nicola Savino, chef of the restaurant Savi’ Di Conversiano

After reviewing the pictures of the chef dishes, I can say with conviction that this diner looks rather promising! I am salivating. Colours, delicateness and authentic products, I am waiting the wow factor (is it to much?). I am hoping to discover one or 2 producers as well like a cheese maker maybe? Or participate in cooking demonstration by one of the chef?

I have a list of the products and wine that I want to bring back but I don’t think my suitcase could handle all my wishes!! Back from the trip, I have the intention to try several of the dishes from my cookbook from Puglia. Maybe even cook an entire diner « Made In Puglia » to my parents when they will be in Edinburgh in December.

Cheese, Pasta, Pomodoro seco, Olives, wines; I have everything on my list!

My good friend from the blog Peas and Chick Peas lived for a year in Bari and she enumerated me so many dishes that seem delicious like the orechiettes, or the mussels served with foccacia and other things that I should not miss that I need to plan a second longer trip and not forget my Rennie if I want to survive this 5 days of culinary heaven!



Picture from Angelo Sabatelli’s Website

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