A new adventure is beginning: the science and cooking course of HarwardX

I cannot thank enough my friend @Pekenyuskula who made me discover the free Harward course on Science and Cooking. The exact title is: Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science.

Yes, you read correctly, this course is free and you can still start it now so run to the following page if you are a fan of molecular cuisine or simply if you want to understand why mixing a egg yolk with oil give you a mayonnaise.

I’m a real dummy in science as most of my friends are aware of…but I have faith on me and believe I can still change my destiny and learn something more than water= H2o. 😛

You can take the course just out of curiosity or you can invest yourselves a bit more and maybe receive a certification from HarwardX if you are doing your exercises and your final project. I am not quite sure what I will aim to (I guess that it will depend if I will finally find a job in the next 10 weeks…Hopefully…Anyway…) but I am going for the certification for now and we will see later 🙂 So I will be sharing with you my weekly labs and new recipes using my learnings in the coming weeks.

For now, here is a teasing video of what the course is all about, enjoy!



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