Robin Hood style barbecue weekend…

Culinary summary of our weekend in Paris without seeing Paris (strange, I know) 🙂 No cultural visits and no “vie Parisienne”. Just a great weekend between friends in a new house! You are going to ask me when is coming the cooking story: now!

Here you go ==> IMGP9899IMGP9909IMGP9918IMGP9939

A giant spit-roasted lamb on a wood fire: 22kg of meat of the best quality made in Rungis (the biggest market in Europe located near Paris). What an adventure!!!

Our friends are not the usual guys renting the giant barbecue, no, they build it. Where is the fun to rent something? It’s way funnier to build a roasting spit! But not the easy roasting spit = the fancy automatic one that works with a windscreen wiper motor from Smart and that turns the beast over fire during the 6 hours (almost).  I was amazed by the ideas they had…

We arrived on Friday night and helped to finish the installation (build the spit to stuck the lamb correctly and allow it to turn over the embers) and when they were done… Well, they had to dig a hole for the fire in the garden… At 2 o’clock in the morning! They have nice neighbours!

As the lamb was planned for the Saturday lunch, men woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning to start the fire and prepare the machine. They put the beast at 8 o’clock to cook for 6 hours! Gloups… The night has been short for them!

The lamb has been taking care of during 6 cooking hours over nice embers and distemper regularly with a mix of mustard, olive oil and Provence herbs to get a nice golden crust. The result is stunning!

All that hard work paid of. They offered a great meal for 40 people!

Well done guys! I am impressed! (we are waiting for the roast spit pattern! :))


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