The Taste, dish attempt Nº1….

I present you my first dish attempts for my tomorrow Tv Show audition. I have to say that I am quite nervous although I find quite stupid to be stressed by a TV game…. Anyway…Here are the first results:

A new version of the classic tomato-mozzarella inspired from an Annes-Sophie Pic’s recipe. This dish presents different texture and techniques (mousse, jelly, compote and parmesan biscuit…) My first attempt is good but I need to adjust the seasoning and the balance of texture… Easy! 😛 It is not but I am not really worried for this dish. I am happy of the result.


The second dish is not the same story! It is a dessert (Although I know Anthony Bourdain is not a dessert guy… I take some risks!). I created the dish playing on rhubarb, strawberry and Matcha tea. The ingredient are seasonal and the dish represents me perfectly. My first attempt is mitigated, I am not happy with the visual but the taste and textures are there (the most important). I will change the presentation entirely for the audition.


Today is the last day before the big moment! Everything is in the organization of my magic suitcase (where are you Mary Poppins?) and the cooking of each element! 🙂 I will post pictures and comments as soon as possible on the blog on tuesday night or wednesday!

Cross your fingers for me tomorrow at 4 PM or 5PM French time!

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