An exiting culinary news and huge surprise….

I have a great news to tell you! This week, I have send my application without any expectation for a new cooking TV programme in the UK: The Taste on Channel 4. I know that the concept was sold to many countries such as France, Korea…but as I live in the UK now, I applied for the UK version.

LUDO LEFEBVRE, NIGELLA LAWSON, BRIAN MALARKEY, ANTHONY BOURDAINThe first US season was on air in 2013 with 8 episods on ABC if you want to watch the episodes.  The concept is very different from other TV shows (for once). Everything is based on the taste of your dishes and not on presentation (which explain the name…). It is a competition open to homecooks and professionals. 4 judges: Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson (ahhhhh :)), Ludo Lefebvre (A French chef, very cute accent :p) and Brian Malarkey (if I understand correctly, he will not take part to the British version).

To be quick, each jury members is also a mentor and the first 2 episodes aim for them to choose 4 contestants to create a team. Each mentor will help the team during the whole season. The goal for each mentor is to keep the longest his team members. Each episode is divided in 2 challenges: 1 team challenge and 1 individual challenge. For each challenge, the contestants have to focus on the taste and not the presentation as everything is presented in a Chinese Spoon. The prize was $100.000 and a car in the US but I am not sure what will be the amount in the UK.

So, a couple of hours after sending my 15km long application with a picture of me and of my dishes, my phone rings: “we want to know you better” (GLOUPS). 40 minutes later, the person tells me that I am in for the audition in Glasgow next tuesday (3rd of September). Double GLOUPS… I was not expecting that.

I am now working on my 2 cold dishes (no cooking equipment at the audition). I am working hard to get something tasty!! To give you some clews about my dishes, I am working on a personal sweet recipe and a chef recipe with a personal twist. Those 2 dishes will feature local and seasonal ingredients of course! I will post some pictures as soon as I get some nice visuals but off course everything will be in the taste!!

I found you a summary of the american version 🙂

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