Foodies Festival or a perfect weekend…

The last weekend, even if I received my KMix, we went to the Foodies Festival in the Inverleith Park, Edinburgh.

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The Foodies Festival is a food festival as the name explains it organized in different cities and towns of the UK. The aim is to present to the visitors the best local products and chef of the region. And it is spot on!

What more awesome that taste local food and drinks on one site? If you have in mind the stereotype of British picnic in the park, well… the festival is a giant one with the same atmosphere! Tents, tables with white tablecloth, amazing food and drink trucks. Here is a quick description of the scenery.

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We tasted the food from the popup restaurant Galvin Brasserie de Luxe located in the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh city centre. The restaurant offered a full menu but in smaller portion. We tasted one of each dish except the dessert (I was not inspired by panacotta)

Loch Creran Oyesters with lemon (divine!!)
Steack tartare, moustarde rouille & croutons (so so… not up to our standard)
Pork belly cassoulet with garlic sausage and duck confit (pork amaaazing, duck and sausage excellent but the beans were bit undercooked)

We are going next week to the restaurant thanks to the nice voucher we received from the Festival. I am hoping to get great food 🙂

2013-08-11 11.53.56We participated in a masterclass given by Jacqueline O’Donnell from Sister Restaurant in Glasgow. We had a great time! She is very funny and strangely for chef, she is very communicative! 🙂 She showed us an entire menu: starter, main and dessert = her version of the ham and pineapple (very UK thing, I am not personally fond of the association between pineapple and ham) ; crab cakes (her version is really easy, I have to try that!!) and a dessert… I would not call it a dessert, it is more a very sweet mishmash but it is a cultural thing I believe.

Then we went through all the local producers and tried the oatcakes, beers, oils, sauces… We tasted a fabulous haggis burger with cheddar and a apple and whisky chutney from the Scottish Gourmet Kitchen truck. Absolutely delicious! For the non-initiated, haggis are made from  sheep stomach, tongue, heart and liver with some species. It is not very glamorous but delicious! I promise. If you are up for it, here is the recipe.

2013-08-10 11.58.36During the festival, I even subscribed to Jamie Oliver’s Magazine for a few pounds…And I received a great goodies bag with his Italian recipes books. It’s great, now, I have his Italian recipes in my cupboard. Can’t wait to try them. (maybe my cooking will be better than in his restaurants! It is not very nice but true… Jamie’s Restaurants are not what you could imagine!)

Anyway, the Festival was a complete success: all the tickets were sold out and it was absolutely awesome for me. The concerts, the small dishes and the great beverages are the recipe for a great festival in a park. So British 🙂 OUPS SOOO SCOTTISH 🙂

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